Writing Historical Fiction

Since I’m in the process of writing several historical fiction pieces, I thought I’d seek out hints and tips online from other authors, and found http://www.iamhrsinclair.com/blog/.

His posts are on things that I think a lot of people take for granted.  He has one post on the author website, which a number of new writers don’t bother to do or maintain. He has another on fonts. What font you choose can be the death of your book. The correct font is important for not only your book, but the query letter to the agent or publisher.

I haven’t had time to fully explore his blog and website, but I have a feeling it will be helpful to me in my historical crime fiction writing.



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4 responses to “Writing Historical Fiction

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  2. bbray

    loved your link to H.R. Sinclair’s site. Thanks so much for sharing. Sinclair’s post on how to write historical fiction – with that wonderful list of essential things to know – is really useful. I’ll be using that one in the future.



    • I think a lot of people believe a fancy font will grab the attention of the agent or publisher, but frequently it just gets pushed aside. Plain, simple font is the best. It looks professional and there is no problem reading it. Some fonts are so fancy it’s hard to figure out.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. I like your statement about the importance of choosing the right font! Something I sure won’t forget 🙂

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